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Our instruction is based on your past experience and your goals for the future. We offer courses in all aspects of rock climbing. Our instruction is comprehensive and follows a logical progression.

Any specialized gear you may need is included. Helmet, harnesses, and shoes are all available.

The following are possible curriculums.

Learning to Climb
An introduction to the fundamentals of rock climbing, intended for people with no previous technical experience, or those whose only experience has been indoors. We'll cover knots, belaying, signals, and movement on the rock. This course is completely hands-on and each individual will do at least one mult-pitch climb and a rappel.

This set of skills is designed to help you learn to lead climbs on your own. Protection placement, belay anchors, rope management, and retreating will all be discussed and practiced. We'll talk about belaying the leader and the second. This material typically takes at least two days to cover and practice. If you're curious about what equipment to buy for your first rack or a list of manufacturers that we endorse check out the Lead Rack page.

Self Rescue
These skills will allow you to extricate you or your partner from an awkward or unplanned climbing situation. We'll cover systems that both the leader and second can employ. Although self rescue can be complex, we'll guide you through a progression that gives you the techniques to deal with just about any situation you are likely to encounter. Belay escapes, raising, and lowering will be covered in depth. They'll be plenty of hands on practice because you can't learn this stuff from a book. We'll also dicuss how to avoid getting into the situation in the first place. This course includes handouts. In order to understand leader rescue techniques you should have previous traditional leading experience. This material takes anywhere from two to three days to cover well.

Belay Escape

Mix and Match
Depending on your interest and experience we can mix and match aspects of any of these curriculums together to create a single day or many days of instruction. Tell us what your goal is and we'll take it from there.